MelliGEl is our partner in the Port-Burgas International Swimming Marathon.
These products are created for people who live at high speed and for professional competitors, giving clean energy without chemicals, without GMOs and allergens; they have no added flavors, colors or preservatives.
The main ingredient is natural organic honey.
Our MElliGEL partners certify each of their packaging with an BIO certificate to guarantee the quality of each of their products.
In addition to being a stimulant, honey is also a product that creates the body's natural immunity, as well as a strong antioxidant.
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Almost 30 years now "Party Drinks" EOOD  produces a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks and table water, well known and loved by the Bulgarian consumer.
Drinks under the "Party Drinks" brand are produced using the most modern technology, using high-quality raw materials and materials, in order to satisfy the customer's requirements to the maximum. And to offer the Bulgarian consumer European quality and taste at an affordable price.
The drinks are available in a variety of sizes, with consumers choosing between PET and glass bottles.
The plant has its own lines for blowing PET bottles, own company glass bottles for multiple use.
Decathlon is the place that unites our teams of sports enthusiasts around one common goal - to make the enjoyment and benefits of sports accessible to as many people as possible.
Innovation and our passion for sport are at the heart of our business - from research to sales, through concept and design, production and logistics.
The teams at our sporting goods brands put all their energy into creating beautiful, high-tech and easy-to-use products at the lowest possible prices.
Delfina is a family business specializing in the production of high quality sports and beach swimwear. 
Their production is entirely located in Sofia. 
Initially entering the fashion industry with men's and women's underwear, it soon added beachwear to its range. 
Today, the main activity of the company is sports swimwear. In parallel, it annually offers an interesting beach collection. 
Romance are restaurant chain #1 pizzerias in Burgas!
Their pizzas are better, hand-rolled, thin and crispy with authentic Italian flour and cold-pressed olive oil.
They have 100% natural tomato paste, fresh vegetables and real meat.


Веселият Роджър е местенце с непретенциозна атмосфера, намиращо се в свободната зона до Морска гара на Пристанище Бургас. Тук, на самия ръб на синьото, където напрежението избледнява, а спокойствието изпълва сетивата ви, хората срещат хора и се наслаждават на малките неща – флиртуващите чайки с вълните, морският вятър и соленият привкус на Черно море. Менюто им е семпло, но си заслужава.