The main partner of the Swimming Marathon - Port Burgas is the Municipality of Burgas.
A number of experts of the Municipality, who have extensive experience in the creation and implementation of such projects, participate in the organization of the competition. The swimming marathon is aided not only by the wonderful support of these people, but also financially, logistically and expertly. No matter how good an idea is, its implementation would not be possible without the desire and cooperation at the public level.
Thanks to Burgas municipality for the commitment, proactive approach and every extra effort he puts in to make the Swimming Marathon - Port Burgas possible.
"Port of Burgas" EAD is a public transport port of national importance. Handles bulk and general cargo. Serves passenger and cruise ships.
The state operator "Port of Burgas" EAD applies an individual approach to customers and optimal solutions to problems, very good cargo service, guaranteed by the implemented management system.
The Bulgarian Navy is one of the three types of armed forces in the structure of the Bulgarian Army, along with the Air Force and the Ground Forces.
They were created by decree of Prince Alexander I of Battenberg on August 12, 1879. For 142 years now, the Navy has preserved and developed Bulgaria's maritime traditions and is a bright example of heroism and honor in the performance of military duty.
The naval forces have protected the Bulgarian borders during all the armed conflicts in which our country has taken part, namely:
The Balkan War 1912-1913
Inter-Allied War 1913
World War I
World War II
To date, the Navy participates in a number of combat missions and military exercises as part of the structures of NATO.
Pobeda Swimming Club is a sports-educational organization developing its activity in the field of swimming sports and in particular in swimming training for children, adolescents and adults.
A priority for the club is also the development of high sportsmanship, as an integral part of building and strengthening the authority of swimming sports, both on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad.